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Open my garage door with my iPhone, tablet or computer?

So it seems technology is colliding with overhead doors, or actually the iPhone is! I was looking for some gadgets for my iPhone and I came across this, "Open your Garage Door with your iPhone". 

        Yes! It is possible! The NEW Liftmaster 821LM Universal garage door opener smartphone controller will work with most garage door openers..Genie, Liftmaster, Chamberlain, Stanley, Linear, Moore-o-Matic, Wayne Dalton, Craftsman, Sears!

Sounds complicated? Getting started is as simple as three easy steps.

You will need the MyQ serial number from your new device during registration.

  1. Connect your new Gateway or MyQ Garage to your internet router. A green light will come on when your new device and router are connected.

  2. Create an account by selecting Sign Up and complete the registration. (You will need a valid email address to complete registration)

  3. Download the MyQ app from the Apple App Store or visit LIftmaster mobile on your other mobile devices.

Buy the 821lm here.  

Don't want to spend around $95.00 on the Liftmaster 821LM Garage Door Smartphone Controller? Believe or not, there is another option!

The MyDoorOpener app is a hardware/software solution for turning your iPhone into a garage door opener. That's right, to replace one garage door opener, you need two things (iPhone & transistor)! The good thing is that you will have your iPhone on you anyway, and if you do not have Homelink, it is one less thing you have to search for when you pull into the driveway.

The catch is you'll have to build the receiver unit, too. That's right, break out the soldering iron and get comfortable with integrated circuits and transistors. It's not simple for everyone, but it's not rocket science, either. If you begin to worry, thinking that a the teenage techie down the street is going to get the app and start opening garage doors down the block, rest assured that communications between devices is encrypted for security. All the instructions and details are at MyDoorOpener.com, and they provide schematics so you can make the stuff yourself, instead of buying some black box which pinches your wallet.

What do you think? Which option do you like better? 

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